How Well do You Know Smoking Cessation Medications? – Interactive Quiz

Canadian Smoking Cessation Pharmacotherapy Algorithm

The Pharmacists for a Smoke-Free Canada developed a great tool to help health care professionals recommend smoking cessation products for patients.  The Canadian Pharmacist Smoking Cessation Pharmacotherapy Algorithm has some great tips and recommendations to update your knowledge on the different pharmacotherapies for smoking cessation.  I thought I would do a quiz to see how well you know the topic.  I hope you find it helpful.

If you missed any, all the current quizzes can be found at: CommPharm Quizzes.

Interactive Quiz on Smoking Cessation Products (14 T/F Questions)

1. The maximum amount of nicotine patch is 42 mg per day

2. It is common for patients to require an adjustment of insulin when they quit smoking

3. A patient is using 21 mg patch daily.  She is still smoking 7 cigarettes/day at a follow-up at 14 days after her quit day.  A good option would be to add a 14 mg patch with her 21 mg patch

4. Both bupropion and varenicline can be used with nicotine replacement therapy

5. Bupropion should be used with caution with prednisone

6. If a patient smokes 35 cigarettes per day, the starting patch dose would be 28 mg (a 21 mg patch and a 7 mg patch)

7. People can use nicotine replacement therapy to cut down how many cigarettes they use each day, even if they are not ready to quit.

8. The nicotine patch is not recommended in people who smoke less than 10 cigarettes per day.

9. If a patient develops a rash to the nicotine patch, it must be discontinued.

10. Bupropion is contraindicated in people with anorexia nervosa

11. Varenicline is contraindicated in patients with moderate chronic kidney disease

12. Varenicline can be used with a fixed, flexible and gradual quit date.

13. Dentures and dental crowns are precautions to nicotine gum

14. It is safe to use 28 mg of nicotine patch as well as nicotine spray for breakthrough cravings



Pharmacists for a Smoke-Free Canada.  Canadian Pharmacist Smoking Cessation Pharmacotherapy Algorithm.

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