Interactive Quiz – New Osteoarthritis Guidelines

American College of Rheumatology New Osteoarthritis Guidelines

The ACR recently published new osteoarthritis guidelines for the management of hand, knee and/or hip OA.   There are some new recommendations that may be a surprise for some healthcare professionals.  Here is a quiz of 14 true and false questions.  I hope you like it.

1. Glucosamine is recommended for hand/knee/hip OA

2. Topical NSAIDs are preferred to oral NSAIDs and acetaminophen for knee OA

3. A loss of 5% or more of body weight has been shown to improve knee and/or hip OA clinical outcomes who have overweight or obesity

4. Topical capsaicin should not be used for hand and hip OA

5. Both Tai-chi and Yoga are recommended for both knee and hip OA.

6. Acetaminophen is not generally effective for the management of hand/knee/hip OA

7. Opioids are recommended second-line in the management of hip OA.

8. Vitamin D and fish oil are not recommended for patients with hand/knee/hip OA

9. Exercise is strongly recommended for hand, knee and hip OA

10. Duloxetine can be considered in patients with hand/knee/hip OA

11. Oral NSAIDs are recommended for hand/knee/hip OA and should be used at moderate to high doses

12. Intraarticular glucocorticoid injections are strongly recommended for patients with knee and/or hip OA

13. Thermal interventions (locally applied heat or cold) can be considered  for patients with knee, hip, and/or hand OA

14. Canes are strongly recommended with patients with knee and/or hip OA



Kolasinski, Sharon L., Tuhina Neogi, Marc C. Hochberg, Carol Oatis, Gordon Guyatt, Joel Block, Leigh Callahan, et al. “2019 American College of Rheumatology/Arthritis Foundation Guideline for the Management of Osteoarthritis of the Hand, Hip, and Knee.” Arthritis Care & Research, January 6, 2020, acr.24131.

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