Proposed New Cannabis Formats

Yesterday, Health Canada released proposed new formats for cannabis to be available next year.  If you are interested in seeing the full list and the restrictions on each, you can download it at: PROPOSED REGULATIONS FOR ADDITIONAL CANNABIS PRODUCTS These formats include: Edibles (solid) Edibles (beverages) Cannabis extract (inhaled) Cannabis extract (ingested) Cannabis extract (concentrated […]

Commonly Asked Question – What are the Drug Interactions with Cannabis?

I have been writing quite a few programs over the last few months on cannabis.  One of the most common questions that I get is on drug interactions with cannabis.  The Information for Health Care Professionals: Cannabis (marihuana, marijuana) and the cannabinoids developed by Health Canada is a great starting point if you have questions […]

The NB College of Pharmacist is Wrong About Medical Cannabis

New Brunswick Pharmacists and Medical Cannabis I was recently sent the position statement of the New Brunswick College of Pharmacists Position Statement on Cannabis for Medical and Non-Medical Purposes.  I would strongly encourage all pharmacists interested in medical cannabis to read this statement. The college firmly feels that there: Currently available information does not support […]

Five Things You Should Know About Medical Cannabis

I present quite often on medical cannabis and get quite a few questions on the topic. Here are a few things that every healthcare professional should know about cannabis. If people are interested, I am happy to share more cannabis facts and tips. 1.    Medical Cannabis is Different from Every Other Medication in Canada Repeatedly […]

Statistics Canada is Crowdsourcing Cannabis Prices

Interactive Tool for Cannabis Stats I saw that Statistics Canada has developed a Cannabis Stats Hub.  For people that are interested in the cannabis industry in Canada, Stats Can has some great published data on current use, the current economy, justice and cost of cannabis. Couple of things that I found interesting are: Close to […]

Why Will Medical Cannabis be More Restrictive than Recreational Cannabis?

I read through the Government of Canada’s Proposed Approach to the Regulation of Cannabis.  I would encourage every person currently working with or are interested in working with cannabis to give it a read.  My biggest concern was the Cannabis for Medical Purposes Section. Under this section, the current method of distributing medical cannabis by […]