CHE Development, Presenting and Consulting

Michael Boivin has developed over 500 accredited learning activities for healthcare professionals. He presents on clinical and practice topics to pharmacists, physicians and other healthcare professionals.  He consults for a number of different clients on health-related issues

Michael Boivin has specialized in delivering patient-centered education to improve their overall health and needs

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Translating Knowledge into Patient Care

The amount of medical information being published on most chronic diseases usually provides clinicians with clear guidance on how to manage patients. Unfortunately, the new evidence is not always being quickly integrated into daily practice.

One of the major issues, is continuing health education (CHE) that focuses on the provision of facts and data versus translating this information into patient care.  Simply providing clinicians with more information, will most times not enhance disease management.

Our solutions don’t provide the standard ‘data dump’ seen in most CHE programs but are designed to help clinicians take this knowledge and quickly integrate into the patients they see in their practices.

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