CME Development

Continuing Medical Education (CME) development is a specialty of CommPharm Consulting.  We have developed in excess of 400 accredited continuing education for physicians, pharmacists, specialists, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals.  These programs have been published in Canada and other parts of the world.

Presenting and Consulting

Michael Boivin has had the pleasure of speaking at hundreds of  national, provincial and local conferences.  With these presentations he explores common issues seen by primary care clinicians and provides simple and practical tips to better care for patients.

Michael also consults for a large number of clients.  These include the pharmaceutical industry, national pharmacy chains and the benefits industry.

Patient Education

As patients continue to take a more active role in their healthcare, there is an increasing need for quality patient-centered health information.

CommPharm Consulting has developed hundreds of different patient materials.  These are designed to educate patients on a number of important health-related topics.  Much of this content appears in pamphlets, magazine articles or pharmaceutical manufacturer’s patient information strategies.


We are Problem Solvers

Finding the best way to disseminate health information can be challenging.  With the sheer amount of content, many times an important message is lost in the noise.

CommPharm Consulting can help you determine strategies and solutions to ensure your top client targets are hearing your important messaging.

Next Steps…

Interested in learning more about how we can enhance the delivery of key medical information? Learn more about what type of solutions that can help to drive your message to healthcare professionals

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