Our Approach

Our approach is simple: “BY clinicians FOR clinicians.”

Continuing health education (CHE) and clinician tools are rarely written by healthcare professionals. Most of the content is developed by a group of ghost writers with specialties in research and publishing.

To make health education practical, it should be developed by healthcare professionals who have actively managed thousands of patients.

We provide content the way we would want to learn it.  If it can help to manage our patients, we know the content can be quickly integrated in any clinicians practice.

Our Story

Michael Boivin is a practicing healthcare professional with over 25 years of patient care experience.  In 2000, he started CommPharm Consulting as he identified clear gaps in the way education was disseminated to healthcare professionals.

Since 2000, CommPharm Consulting has worked with a large number of national and international clients to develop education, operations, and consulting solutions.

Our goal is to be constantly changing.  Healthcare is continuously evolving and our solutions are designed to adjust and adapt to meet the needs of our clients today and in the future.

Meet the Team

It is about always reaching your goals.  We feel that we can provide the best solutions for our client as we are constantly looking for innovative solutions to reach your goals.

Michael Boivin


“I love to teach and learn.  It is incredible that every time that I deliver a program, I am able to pick up another piece of information or tool that can help to better manage patients”

Next Steps…

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