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Disclaimer, Audience, and other details


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What to do with what you read

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If you have a question about a drug that you are taking, or a side effect you may be experiencing, talk to the licensed, registered health professionals involved in your care.


This site may include discussion of prescription and non-prescription drugs for indications that may not be Health Canada (or FDA) approved. We generally use generic names for drugs but may refer to the Canadian or American brand name to improve identification by readers.



The internet is not private. Do not provide, post or email any personal health information of any kind. While the authors will not intentionally divulge any personal health information, heed the request above and do not provide any. Any clinical scenarios described will be modified to eliminate any identifying characteristics. However, be advised that any email to the Author may be posted in its entirety, and/or discussed in a subsequent article.

Comment policy


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