COPD Inhalers – Easy to Use Reference Tool

Choosing a COPD Inhaler

I was working on a COPD program over the last couple of weeks and came across a couple of great tools.

I have found that many clinicians and patients are often confused with all the different medications and inhaler options.  Resptrec has developed a couple of great tool for clinicians.  A great tool is the COPD medication chart.  It provides the different options for each of the main classes of COPD drugs in Canada (SABD, LAMA, LABA, ICS/LABA, LAMA/LABA).  It shows all the different devices for each class, as well as dosing and both the trade and drug names.

I like how this tool can be used with a patient in the device selection process when the product is being prescribed or can help to choose an alternative device in the class if they are having issues with an inhaler.  This may improve medication delivery and adherence.

It is just a great tool to download, have it available when you need to discuss the different COPD inhaler and medication options.

The tool can be downloaded from the Saskatchewan Lung Association at the RESPTREC resources page.

PS – They also have one of these tools for asthma medications as well.