Proposed New Cannabis Formats

Yesterday, Health Canada released proposed new formats for cannabis to be available next year.  If you are interested in seeing the full list and the restrictions on each, you can download it at:

These formats include:

  • Edibles (solid)
  • Edibles (beverages)
  • Cannabis extract (inhaled)
  • Cannabis extract (ingested)
  • Cannabis extract (concentrated THC)
  • Cannabis topical

Most of these products target the recreational market.  I like the idea of a topical cream.  There is limited data, on topical application of cannabis, but tremendous interest in the topical route for different diseases of the skin. 

The new cannabis extract could lead to the end of nabiximols (Sativex) in Canada. Likely a licensed producer’s extract would be significantly cheaper than Nabiximols and be available in a variety of strengths for patients. 

For people who want to share their thoughts on these dosage form with the government, they can submit them to: