Quiz – Monitoring Glycemic Control

This quiz tests on some of the key issues from Chapter 9 – Monitoring Glycemic Control from the Diabetes Canada Guidelines. Hopefully this helps you prepare for the CDE exam.


1. What percentage of the A1C value does the mean blood glucose level in the last 30 days contribute to the result>

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2. In which of the following situations should a clinician consider assessing A1C level every 6 months?

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3. Which of the following statements regarding point of care A1C is TRUE?

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4. Which of the following has been shown to decrease A1C levels?

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5. TD is currently using insulin glargine 30 units HS and insulin aspart 6 units prior to her meals. What is the recommended minimum SMBG testing frequency?

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6. Which of the following patient populations should test at least once per day according to the Diabetes Canada guidelines?

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7. KL is started on basal insulin at bedtime.  What is the optimal time per day to use SMBG to titrate the basal insulin to target?

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8. LK wants to discuss alternate site testing with SMBG. Which of the following statements is TRUE?

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9. Which of the following statements regarding ketone testing is TRUE?

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10. Patient PY is in to see her diabetes educator. She asks about continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). Which of the following statements is TRUE?

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11. Which of the following regarding flash glucose monitoring (FGM) is TRUE?

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