Statistics Canada is Crowdsourcing Cannabis Prices

Interactive Tool for Cannabis Stats

I saw that Statistics Canada has developed a Cannabis Stats Hub.  For people that are interested in the cannabis industry in Canada, Stats Can has some great published data on current use, the current economy, justice and cost of cannabis.

Couple of things that I found interesting are:

  • Close to 50% of Canadian males and 36% of Canadian females have used Cannabis at some point in their life
    • You can compare your province consumption to the national average. This also breaks down each age group
    • It varies quite a bit between the provinces
  • It reports that cannabis abuse and dependence in Canada is 6.8%, which is lower than the 9% commonly cited in many presentations
  • There are also lots of interactive charts on the economy of cannabis from a production, licensed producer and consumer standpoint
    • The number of consumer data is very interesting to see the growth in some age groups. The data goes back to 1960
    • The License producer tool is very interesting as you can use the slider to see the growth of cannabis facilities in each of the provinces from 2 in 2013 to the 84 in 2017
  • They are asking cannabis users to provide what they are paying for cannabis. This can give us an idea of what Canadians are paying for cannabis through the legal and illegal system
    • Prices of cannabis have dropped (according to Stats Can) since 2010

If you are interested in seeing some of the data on cannabis use, this is a good place to take a look.