Quiz – Diabetes Screening and Diagnosis

I am preparing for the CDE exam in May. I thought if anyone else was writing they may want to do have some questions to test their knowledge. Here is my first quiz of 5 questions. I thought I would see if there is any interest. If so, I will publish more. The first set is on diabetes diagnosis and screening.


1. JL is in to see you today.  She is 38 years, of Hispanic descent and her mother has type 2 diabetes.  She is generally very active and has no other medical conditions. Her current BMI is 27 kg/m2 and her blood pressure is 135/82 mmHg.  When should JL be screened for type 2 diabetes?

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2. JL is sent in for screening for type 2 diabetes.  Which of the following lab results would be in the range for prediabetes?

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3. JL was diagnosed today with prediabetes.  Her FPG test result was 6.8 mmol/L.  Which of the following statements is TRUE?

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4. Mr. TP (40 years old) was sent for screening for type 2 diabetes. His A1C = 6.7%.  Which of the following is the best course of action?

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5. Mr. TP has a cousin with type 1 diabetes and wonders what is the difference between type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  Which of the following is more common in type 2 diabetes?

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4 thoughts on “Quiz – Diabetes Screening and Diagnosis”

  1. These are so helpful!!!
    I have been searching for someone as a studying partner in preparation for May CDE exam. I think this is a prayer answered.

  2. These are so helpful Mike, thanks so much. Definitely reinforces key points and makes me realize areas that I need to work a little harder on!

    1. Thanks so much Katie! I am glad you like them. I have 2 more coming out this week. Trying to get through the entire guideline before May (Fingers crossed).

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